OBDSTAR TP50 TPMS Activator & Reset Tool Reviews


OBDSTAR TP50 TPMS Activator & Reset Tool Reviews

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If you have tire pressure to active, reset data and diagnose, and if you are looking for an original handheld device, that is OBDSTAR TP50. OBDSTAR TP50 works on 315MHz and 433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor.

http://www.obdstar.jp/TP50 workable car list:
Generally speaking, OBDSTAR TP50 works on the vehicle brands from Asia, Europe, America and Chinese.

Why choose OBDSTAR TP50 instead of Autel / Foxwell tools?

   OBDSTAR TP50wins price, $210incl. shipping worldwide.
   OBDSTAR TP50has more functions (active, reset data and diagnoseTPMS) than Foxwell NT1001 which is only an activator.

OBDSTAR TP50 features:
1.Fast and Stable Operation: CPU: ARM7, it will quickly take you from one page to another page.
2.HD Color Display Screen: The test result will display on TF 320x240
3.Shockproof and Durable Design: it is easy to hold on your palms not easy to slip.
4.Support High Capacity TF Card

OBDSTAR TP50 package includes:
1pc x OBDSTAR TP50 main unit
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x SD Card
1pc x SD Card Reader
1pc x TP50 user manual
1pc  x Charging power
1pc  x Certificate
1pc  x annular magnet

Article from http://obdstar-obdstar.blogspot.com/ Tech Blog:http://obdstar-obdstar.blogspot.com/2017/07/obdstar-tp50-tpms-activator-reset-tool.html


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