SKP1000钥匙编程器vs.SuperOBD SKP 900


SKP1000钥匙编程器vs.SuperOBD SKP 900

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SKP-1000 price: $479
SuperOBD SKP 900 price: $379

SKP-1000 wins in abilities!!!
->SKP900 key programmer supports auto key programming ONLY!
->SKP1000 key programmer supports auto key programming + special functions!

SKP 1000 wins in immobilizer!!!

->Clear key memory;
->Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
->Program after-market and OEM keys;
->Read keys from immobilizer memory;
(Read immo pin code)
->New mechanical key number programming;
->Vehicle identification key programming;
->Reset ECU & immobilizer;

SKP 1000 wins in special functions!!!

->OBD mileage adjustment
->remote controller
->oil/service reset
->throttle body adjustment
->pin code calculation
->EEPROM chip read
->immobilizer initialization
->EEPROM/PIC adapter
->personalized settings

SKP1000 wins in operation!!

->used with a stylus pen/ digital pen to input commands to a screen
->much easier & faster when using

2017 SKP1000 wins in update!!

-> firmware updatable (not only software)
-> software update available now and in future

2017 SKP1000 wins in future cars!!

->SKP1000 will be compatibility for future cars
->SKP900 stopped production and never works for new models

SKP1000 wins in connection!

->has USB2.0
->has a better TF card with a reader

SKP1000 wins in package list!

->has a Haima 7pin adapter
->has a power adapter
->has a stylus pen
->has a TF card with a reader

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